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About Us

Dawson Oil Company has been providing bulk fuels, lubricants, and greases, to the residents and businesses of Northern California for over 50 years.  Family-owned and operated, we’re able to focus solely on providing top-notch customer service, expert advice, and affordable fuel and oil products.

Private Membership

We’re not a public gas station.  We deal exclusively in bulk and fleet fuel needs, from delivery trucks to school buses.  At Dawson Oil, our customers use our Cardlock technology to receive 24-hour access to our facilities, allowing them to fuel up according to their unique schedule.  Bills are sent out on a monthly basis.  Click here to apply for membership. 

Fuel Delivery

Dawson makes fuel delivery simple and convenient.  Whether you require hydraulic oil, lubricants, vehicle fuel, or heating oil, we will ensure that your systems remain full and operational.  We will proactively check your fuel levels, ensuring you never run out.  Call us anytime and we will be there within 24 hours.  And if you’ve forgotten the particular type of oil you need, not to worry – our trained STLE-certified technicians can help you figure it out. 


Dawson Oil Company is your one-stop shop for all lubricants, grease and oil products.  We contract exclusively with Chevron for all our products.  Our trained STLE-certified staff can help ensure you are using the correct product to guarantee the highest levels of safety and efficiency for daily use in passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and industrial machinery.  For complicated cases, a Chevron technician is available with 24-hours notice.